Why You Should: Get real wine glasses

Please don’t drink your wine out of plastic cups. You’re better than that. Wine glasses are cheap. Wine glasses make your wine taste better. If you’re gonna spend money on wine, even a little bit of money, you probably want it to taste like it’s supposed to, right? Get some wine glasses and you won’t feel like you wasted money on wine that tastes bad, because it probably won’t if you’re drinking it properly. Wine glasses pay for themselves. Here are two inexpensive styles:

HEDERLIG Red Wine Glass, IKEA, $1.99 each

Ikea Glass 1This glass has a huge bowl and looks really elegant. It’s not too tall and very sturdy. It makes wine taste way better than in a plastic cup. You can actually smell your wine in this bowl. Try it. It’s pretty cool to smell cherries and rose petals and stuff.

RONA Wine Glass, CB2, $5.95

CB2 Glass 1

This glass has a long stem, with a shorter (but not smaller!) bowl than the IKEA glass. Speaking of cherries and rose petals and stuff, this glass will make you smell not only cherries and rose petals, but also blackberries and vanilla and maybe even black currants. Wines all have different notes, so these are just examples, but the ones we just listed are relatively common in red wines.

Really, an amazing glass. We taste-tested the same wine in both glasses and the flavors are remarkably different. It’s a pretty interesting experiment, actually. Both glasses are great, but this one makes the wines open up on a whole new level. A bit more expensive, but totally worth it if you’re into wine.

Bonus glass:

HEDERLIG Champagne Flute, IKEA, $1.99

A standard champagne flute. We drink a lot of champagne, so these come in handy. We inherited them from a friend. Fizzy whites are fine in wine glasses, especially when you’re trying to save money in college, but if you have the cash to spare or enjoy feeling fancy when you pop your bubbly, get some of these. They’re classic and elegant!

Glasses 1 dark

…Glass is kind of cool, eh?


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