Cocktail Recipe: Deconstructed Mimosa

Every Sunday here at West of Campus we make brunch. Sometimes brunch is an elaborate affair, but usually we try to keep it quick and simple so that we can get back to our various important tasks, such as homework and errands. Sunday stuff, you know.

Our brunch menu varies from Sunday to Sunday, but we always pop open a bottle of champagne or prosecco. We like to dress the drinks up differently each week. One of our new favorites is a champagne cocktail we’ve named the “Deconstructed Mimosa.” The nice thing about this recipe is that Andre (the cheap champagne from Ralph’s) actually works really well, and doesn’t end up tasting so cheap. The St. Germain complicates the flavor a bit with its elderberry essence, and the orange peel balances out the sweetness with its acidity.


Photo credit: A’alia Brown

Deconstructed Mimosa


1 Bottle extra dry champagne
1.5 oz. St. Germain Liqueur (found at most liquor stores–the big bottle is the better buy)
1 Orange


1. Pour a splash (around .5 oz.) of St. Germain in the bottom of each champagne flute.
2. Fill almost to the top with champagne. Pour it slowly, with a thin stream, so that it doesn’t bubble over–the St. Germain will make the fizz messy and sticky and not fun to clean up.
3. Use a sharp vegetable peeler to peel the skin from an orange into three long strips. Twist them and drop each one into a flute. They should make the champagne fizz attractively!
4. Enjoy with friends. Serves 3. Top off champagne as needed.


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