Wine Recommendation: Purple Moon Merlot

Purple Moon 1

Purple Moon Merlot will do you well with friends on chilly Saturday evenings. (A bottle has certainly done us well tonight! And on many other occasions.) With a well-blown wine glass (more on that to come), the nose indicates blackberry overtones. The taste is fruity with a vanilla finish. Surely, you’ve left your wine bottle uncorked on the table, which lets it breathe. As it does, you’ll notice a woodier taste and a drier finish (which is even more exciting than the berry notes!) that will please those who go for more robust bottles.

This is a medium-bodied California wine, which makes it suitable for both showcasing the wine (socialization; wine and cheese evenings) and flavorful meals (where the flavor of the dish balances out the wine). It’s not too dramatic, but it presents an interesting array of flavors. It will please those who are not the most adventurous of wine drinkers, but collegiate wine enthusiasts will appreciate its variegated offerings.

Where to buy: Trader Joe’s
Price: $3.99 (!)
Best for: Weeknight meals, Quiet Saturdays, Host gifts


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